A message from your friends at Pontotoc Electric:
B & B Electrical and Utility Contractors is working in the PEPA service area to remove and replace bad poles. The team is working in Pontotoc right now and will at some point over the next few months move into the Bruce area to work. Before disconnecting power, they will attempt to make contact with the homeowner. Their trucks are marked with B & B Contractors on them, and their employees will be wearing a B & B uniform.


About Our Rates

Pontotoc Electric Power Association is a distributor of electricity which is generated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and TVA is our rate regulator. In April 2011, TVA implemented a rate structure that changed the way it would bill distributors for wholesale power. This affected Pontotoc Electric Power Association and 154 other distributors of TVA generated power across the valley. The new rate structure tied the actual cost of generating electricity to a factor which changes with the seasons. The new rates or “seasonal rates” gives consumers the ability to reduce their overall power bill by using less energy during seasons of peak power demand. During the extreme temperatures of summer and winter the demand for electricity is higher than the milder transition months of fall and spring. The new rate structure will reflect these variables. Under the new rate structure, TVA defines seasonal periods as:

  • Summer (June, July, August and September);
  • Winter (December, January, February and March)
  • Transition Months (April, May, October and November)

The seasonal rate structure produces no additional revenues for Pontotoc Electric or TVA, which are not-for-profit organizations, providing among the lowest rates in the nation. You can download a copy of Pontotoc Electric Power Association rate schedules below.

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