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EnergyRight Solutions for Business

Energy efficiency is a winning proposition for every type of commercial or industrial facility. You may not have the time or expertise to conduct an energy assessment yourself, but the experts at EnergyRight Solutions are ready to help you.

They can offer unbiased, fact-based information on how to improve your energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Two types of financial assistance, Standard Rebates and Custom Incentives, are available to help reduce your project costs and accelerate your payback. These rebates and incentives are offered through Pontotoc Electric Power Association in partnership with TVA.

All commercial customers, plus industrial customers with a demand of 5,000 kilowatts or less, are eligible for such assistance. For more information or to fill out an application go to

Business Services from Pontotoc EPA and EnergyRight

Helping businesses through COVID-19.
As businesses adjust their operations to address COVID-19, we’ve worked with TVA EnergyRight to put together resources to help you manage your building’s energy systems. Learn more here.

Need help finding the right energy solutions?
Ready to explore energy solutions for your facility, but not sure where to start? Trusted contractors in our Preferred Partners Network (PPN) can offer project proposals, estimates and help recommend the best energy solution for you. PPN members are all licensed, insured, vetted by TVA and trained to help you through the process. Request a proposal here.

Talk to a person
Our trusted EnergyRight advisors can’t wait to talk to you about your energy needs and goals. Connect with the representative in your area to get expert advice and learn more about the incentives available to you.

Electric transportation helps businesses save.
Electric transportation is less expensive, better for the environment and can provide a quieter, more enjoyable environment for warehouse workers. Plus, you could qualify for financial incentives to upgrade your fleet. Learn more here.

Demand Response
Pontotoc EPA and TVA EnergyRight partners with customers and businesses to reduce energy usage during critical times when the Valley needs it most. Can your business help? Learn more here.

Together, we can define your clean power strategy.
In partnership with TVA, we can provide the guidance and programs to help your business implement the various solar, wind, biogas and low-impact hydro generation projects necessary for future growth. Learn more here.

outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Please call our office at 662-489-3211 in Pontotoc or 662-983-2727 in Bruce for information on our outdoor lighting program.

Our service department will be happy to assist you.

Comprehensive Services Program

Through the Comprehensive Services Program (CSP), TVA and Pontotoc Electric Power Association provide engineering and technical assistance for commercial and industrial customers. CSP covers all areas of energy use, including power analysis, technical services, energy use and predictive maintenance. Here is a list of services for you to choose from.

If you use electricity in your business or industry, you could benefit significantly from these services. For more information, or to discuss specific energy issues, call Member Service Representative Jimmy Williamson at 662-489-3211.

General survey of energy use in a facility Metering and recommendations to correct for low power factor. 

Monitoring and testing electrical systems and recommendations related to managing peak demand, energy management opportunities, process, and facility improvements.

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning studies examine the sizing of HVAC equipment, offer heating-and-cooling system comparisons, investigate problems with existing systems, and provide recommendations for improvement. 

Infrared scans of electrical equipment such as transformers, breakers, bus and conductor connections for hot spots, as well as scans for facility heating- and cooling- loss.

Ultrasound technology can located compressed air leaks caused by vibration, holes in hoses, loose joints and cracks. 

Studies provide recommendations for the design of lighting systems in such places as sports fields, roadways, parking lots, and commercial and industrial plants.

We install temporary metering equipment to gather data on facility electrical usage. 

Grounding study, grounding testing, and lightning-protection recommendations. 

Studies address voltage problems originating inside or outside the facility that adversely affect the end-user. 

Studies explore heat-pump water-heater applications, standard energy-efficient water heaters, and cost comparison of electric versus fossil-fuel system.

Studies analyze the facility's distribution system.  Including the sizing of wiring and equipment, and provide recommendations for system improvement.

Energy Efficiency Tips

for Commercial Customers

To become more energy efficient, your first step is to track your energy use as part of your normal accounting system. Analyze your records and bills periodically to detect patterns. You’ll be able to see opportunities for savings, problem areas, and the results of your efficiency efforts. Encourage occupants to be energy conscious, and share usage information and successes with them.

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