We would like to notify our members of a couple of rate increases effective October 1, 2023:

PEPA is increasing its retail power rates by 3.8%. This translates to around $6 per month for a residential energy bill using 1250 kWh per month. With inflation and the rising costs of equipment, transformers, poles, wire, hardware, fuel and other costs, we cannot continue to absorb such increases.  PEPA has absorbed the higher costs in the past, but must now pass along the increase to our members.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is increasing their wholesale power rates by 4.5%. That translates to an average increase of about $3.50 on a typical 1250-kWh residential energy bill each month.  Their increase was necessary to ensure the region has the energy it needs to meet growing demand and economic development.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you with affordable, reliable electric service.

Contact Pontotoc EPA before installing an outside generator for a wiring inspection.
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